Willi Elbe expands its location in Bulgaria

The Willi Elbe Group is currently expanding its location in Bulgaria. The plant in Kuklen is being enlarged by a further 1900 square meters.

In denken & lenken, we regularly report on developments at the different plants of the Willi Elbe Group. The plant in Bulgaria, which was created in 2015, is now being enlarged three years later. More details and background information will follow. The Willi Elbe Group is expanding: we’re currently extending our location in Kuklen. It’s only been three years since the new plant in Bulgaria was built. Due to the expansion of production – requiring more space for machines and employees – enlargement of the plant by 1900 square meters from formerly 5000 square meters began on April 11 of this year. The plant is being generously expanded in this way to improve material flow as well as to create more space for on-site logistics technology.

As part of the expansion work, the Kuklen plant will also receive innovative LED lighting and new warehouse logistics software for its administration. With the storage location management, new software at the Willi Elbe Group is being introduced in Kuklen. Programs for the unfinished parts warehouse and for shipping have already been implemented. After construction work has been completed, the plant in Bulgaria will be the main factory for the entire Group. All industrial trucks, for instance, will be equipped with scanners and tablets for this purpose. The increase in production in Kuklen is also resulting in a growing need for personnel. There are currently around 80 employees at the location, but the expansion will necessitate a larger workforce in the near future. Mr. Veselinov, plant manager in Kuklen, on the expansion project in Bulgaria: "I’m glad that we’re getting a new warehouse. It was clear to me from the beginning that we’d have to develop further as a location." The expansion work is due to be completed by the end of October.