Service providers for the test center - state-of-the-art test benches in Tamm

Real reinforcements


Since March 2015, the Willi Elbe Group has had access to a state-of-the-art test center at its headquarters in Tamm. Just over a year later, the premises were equipped with two powerful test benches.
The test benches were pre-commissioned in Barcelona, at the headquarters of the manufacturer Encopim. Following machine acceptance, representatives of the Willi Elbe Group - namely Ilhan Barut, Dr. Jörg Hauhoff and Jörg Struwe – received comprehensive software training. After all, startup is taking place soon, and the hardware, in the form of the high-tech test benches, will not be able to guarantee corresponding test quality on its own. The "Fatigue T131" model for alternating load tests and static torsional strength was already part of the machine park at the test center. It was then joined by the "Endurance T132" for alternating load and fatigue strength tests. Two components can be tested simultaneously with this test bench - even under peak loads. "Functional T133" enables simultaneous testing of the torsional characteristics of the entire assembly as well as of the individual components. The test bench thus covers the entire steering and drive technology spectrum of the Willi Elbe Group, while the two other models are designed for various products. All are equipped with safety housings according to the latest guidelines.

The performance data speak for themselves


The performance and key data of the three systems are similarly impressive. For example, "Endurance T132" achieves a torque of more than 1,000 Nm, and "Functional T133" an axial force of 1,000 Nm. The test bench "Fatigue T131" is a true heavyweight, with more than 5 tons. Unloading with the help of an oversized forklift truck and subsequent careful installation took one day to complete. Conversely, the contracted transport company Wiesbauer used a 100-ton crane for the other test benches. The heavy-duty specialist has been a reliable partner for the Willi Elbe Group for many years in relocations and machine assembly. Final acceptance in Tamm was completed in March. Training of all employees involved is still ongoing. With the three Encopim test benches in particular, the Willi Elbe Group is significantly increasing its standards where quality assurance is concerned. "Fatigue T131" and "Functional T133" are characterized in particular by their water-cooled electric drives for maximum dynamics. One highlight is the possibility to simulate traction on asphalt as well as on ice.