Inspection in Tamm - the rotary swaging machine

The basic principle of rotary swaging machines, which is also referred to as "hammering", is easily explained. Several tool segments act constantly, in rapid succession, on a workpiece. The material begins to flow and is transformed with high precision and with extreme dynamics. An example: For certain profile pipes of the Willi Elbe Group, an outlet pipe of 45 millimeters external diameter and five millimeters wall thickness is formed into a profile pipe with four ball tracks. A further application for rotary swaging is the production of rifle barrels and gun barrels.

Of course, the rotary swaging machine built by the manufacturer Felss from Königsbach-Stein, Baden-Württemberg, at our headquarters in Tamm, is not used for any military purpose, and never will be. At Christmastime, supplying parts for the automotive industry gives one a far clearer conscience. In October, the plant underwent a complete overhaul - including replacement of the entire hammering system. The repairs took seven working days. Since the rotary swaging system is normally used in three-shift operation, the relevant work had to be carried out ahead of schedule. Thanks to the precise organization and perfect coordination of all involved, everything went smoothly. Since the inspection, the rotary swaging machine has been running flawlessly again - with even greater precision and efficiency. Incidentally, the machine was acquired in 2005 for the Rippershausen plant, before it was shifted to Tamm in 2011.